The world that we live in today is a far cry from the simple life that we once had before. The world is changing so fast and people spend most of their precious time on their cellphone or laptop, thinking that getting more information will get them ahead in life. It’s even difficult to really have a conversation with our friends and loved ones due to our busy schedules. It’s getting more and more difficult to spend time with friends as time passes by.

This fast-paced life can make children with Down’s syndrome be in an unfavorable position and situation. These kids need special attention and seek love from other people. Giving them time is all they ever wanted but it’s something difficult to give nowadays.

The video that you will see below is a video of a 3-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome. He was lonely because he had no friends to play with. He had so much love to give; however, he had a problem because he is not able to get a recipient.

Sad reality is that most of them with Down’s syndrome are still victims of discrimination at some point of their lives especially those ignorant of what they are going through. But, God always moves in mysterious ways. Even though this boy had no human friends, he was given company – and this one comes with a big heart.

A light brown Labrador showed love to the little boy by giving his full attention and time. The boy got a pat in the back and a hug that he’s been longing for from this dog. The loving Labrador did not hesitate to reach the hand of the boy which was so sweet.

This wonderful video brought tears to many and has a whopping 8 million views in YouTube. This video is an eye opener for everyone that in this world where people are confused what are important, small acts of kindness counts. Sometimes, those simple and timeless values like love, friendship and loyalty is all that the world needs today.



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