Princess is a Pitbull who used to live in a backyard for seven years happily. She was then abandoned in a shelter. One can tell that she was having a hard time, and she was scared while in the shelter.

Laura Davies is a self-proclaimed cat lady, but she felt sorry for Princess, so she helped in trying to get a family for her. For over a year, Laura has done what she could in putting Princess’ story out there. She has spread her story through social media platforms in the hopes of finding a family for Princess.

Even after a year of trying, no one came forward to also show interest in adopting her. Princess has such an old soul. She is not interested in toys and does not walk much. She only wants to hang out and chill.

The volunteers in the shelter and Laura’s husband told her that Princess is meant for her and that they belonged together. Princess was practically a cat since she does not do the usual dog activities like walking or playing with other dogs.

Princess on the other hand still has mixed emotions when it comes to cats, but she’s trying, and she’ll get there eventually. She knows she belongs to this family and will be able to adjust.

The important part is that she is free from the shelter and has a family. Princess or any dog for that matter deserves so much love no matter how old or what their personalities are. Princess is blessed to have found people who will love her and provide her a home.

Laura Davies may have started by taking pity on Princess, but she ended up falling in love with her as well. As a self-proclaimed cat lady, adopting a dog may be out of her comfort zone, but people like her who are willing to get out of that comfort zone give people hope for humanity.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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