Dogs are everywhere. You can see them playing in the parks, walking around the neighborhood, strolling in the mall, or playing in the backyard. However, not many dogs are seen attending church services.

A few weeks ago, while Fr. José Geraldo Sobreira was at the Nossa Senhora das Dores Parish in Brazil, leading a mass, a seemingly stray dog walked in. The surprise visitor probably thought that it was the best time to play and decided to upstage the Mass celebrant.

Thankfully, despite not being in the best moment for playtime, the pet-friendly priest was gracious enough to accommodate his canine visitor. Instead of shooing the new furry parishioner away, Fr. Sobreira welcomed the presence of the dog with a sweet smile. He carried on with the service in spite of having a furry distraction right at his feet. Check out the video below.

Posted by Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores on Sunday, June 2, 2019


On the video, the furry parishioner seemed insistent on snuggling with the priest. He also appeared to have developed a liking for the priest’s vestment as he kept biting it. Fr. Sobreira tried to pet and talk to the playful dog, probably in the hopes that the little pooch will stop. But, it seemed that the dog could not get enough of his playtime and just kept going. He was having so much fun.

It was not clear where the dog came from. Most likely, because the dog was wearing a collar, he accidentally got away from his owner’s backyard and found his way to the church. Or, probably, he knew the priest, and when he saw him, he grabbed the opportunity for some playtime. However, some netizens thought that the visit was something divine.

Fr. Sobreira earned lots of praises about how welcoming he was with his unexpected furry parishioner. After all, not everyone can still be friendly when someone is insistent on distracting them from doing a job, which requires their full attention.

Credit: Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores


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