Compassion is for everybody. Sometimes, it comes from animals before it comes from humans. Feeling trapped is not a good feeling. This elicits fear and confusion in an individual.

This is what the deer must have been feeling when it got trapped in a gate. This deer must have been going about its business hopping from one place to another and did not expect to get stuck.

But it did. It struggled its way to freedom with no luck. Getting stuck is hard enough; having the presence of a stranger there is what makes things scarier. But Charlie was not there to scare the deer off.

Instead, Charlie was there to keep him company until he was free. Charlie’s mom kept calling out to him so the deer won’t get scared, but Charlie did not listen. Charlie did not obey his mom when she told him to get away.

And that decision of Charlie saved the life of this deer. Because of his stubbornness, his mother came to check the situation. That’s when his mom helped out the deer.

It was a struggle, but eventually, the deer was free. If it was not for Charlie keeping him company, Charlie’s mother would have never come to help out. If it was not for Charlie, the deer might have been stuck until the wee hours of the night.

Who knows, it could have lasted for days even. Sometimes, when you know it’s right, you have to stick to it. When you know you’re helping someone out, you go all out.

Charlie was shown to have attempted to help, but the deer got scared with his attempt. So he did what he knows could help, and that was to wait with the deer until help comes. And help did.


Source The Dodo via YouTube


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