To encounter a tragic situation can be anybody’s nightmare. For sure, everybody wants to avoid any tragedy as much as possible. Unfortunately, natural disasters may affect anyone without warning.

During a fire that expelled most of Sonoma County in California, Roland Tembo Hendel’s house was among those that got wiped out. Roland and his family were not able to save at least one thing. They made sure that each family member can get out of the house alive. They no longer cared about their things or stuff inside their home.

Rolando and his family own a dog named Odin, whose task is to look after their goats. Roland’s house is located on a farm where they raise animals like goats. As the fire drew closer to the property, Roland tried his best to save Odin and get him out of the property as soon as possible.

But since he has a naturally compassionate heart, Odin did not want to leave the goats behind. The goats are still very young and are still dependent on feeding bottles. Odin thought that the goats might not survive if he would not stay.

The fire reached the property, and in no time, it consumed almost the entire property. Roland acted quickly to make sure that the animals are rescued out of the farm. Gas tanks exploded and imposed severe harm to everyone. Due to time restraints, Roland had to leave the goats and Odin behind since he could not force Odin to go with him.

A few days later, Roland and his family decided to go back to the incident location. That was when they saw the biggest miracle of their lives. Odin was there, patiently waiting for them. He looked so tired, hungry, and distressed, but what matters is he is alive.

Roland and his family may have lost almost everything, but they are still lucky that they have each other. Odin’s act heroism is another reason for people to keep the faith that there is still something good in this world after all.

Credits to Roland Tembo Hendel


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