In 2013, some parts of eastern Russia were hit by a severe storm which resulted in extreme flooding. Because of this, many families had to evacuate and leave their homes to ensure their safety. The Andreev family was one of those thousands of families who required evacuation.

The family has a pet dog named Druzhok, an adorable dog of the Caucasian Shepherd combination. When the flash flood hit their home, the family had to move to a relative’s house for temporary shelter. They brought their beloved pet dog with them when they moved.

However, Druzhok does not seem comfortable at their temporary home. A few days after they moved, the dog dropped out of sight. His foster family does not have a clue where he could have gone, and they could not even get out of the house to look for him because the entire area was covered with the flood.

The Andreev family asked for the help of volunteer rescuers to find Druzhok. They borrowed an inflatable watercraft so they can begin their search for their dog. In no time, they saw Druzhok near the front door of their home which was already immersed in water. The brave dog’s body was also dipped in flood, and only his head was sticking out.

According to the rescue team, they tried to help Druzhok get out of the water, but he did not want to go. He even would not let anyone come near him and also made sure nobody can come near the front door of the house. Surprisingly for the rescuers, when the dog saw his humans aboard the boat, he immediately swam to come closer to them.

The water is so cold enough to make Druzhok shake. The family then pulled him towards the boat and dried him up. They realized that the dog went back to their home to ensure that he can still protect the house knowing that no one is there. The Andreev family truly appreciates his good deeds and vows to be forever grateful to him.

Credits to The Siberian Times


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