Every day, there are hundreds of dogs that get abandoned. They end up in the streets and eventually die. Example of such dogs that get abandoned is bait dogs.

Bait dogs are used in illegal dog-fighting rings to assess and gauge the aggressiveness of fighting dogs. Usually, these dogs have their teeth filed to prevent damage to the fighting dogs. They are also chained and muzzled during the attacks. In most cases, the attacks lead to death. If they survive, they are either killed or abandoned.

One such dog is named Pacino. Found in an abandoned house in Camden, New Jersey, Pacino had bad wounds all over his body. The animal control officer who found Pacino couldn’t believe the extent of the injuries on the dog and quickly rushed him to the veterinarian for emergency treatment.

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A woman working in the veterinarian office as a vet tech named Brittany Elder met Pacino and felt sorry for him. Pacino was labeled as too aggressive, but Brittany saw past that. She was very patient with Pacino and held on to him on the floor to make him feel comfortable.

The veterinarian and the animal control officer who found Pacino discussed that due to the trauma that the dog experienced and the wounds he sustained, it would be better for them to euthanize the dog.

Brittany knew that Pacino deserves a second chance and decided to foster Pacino while he recovered. She decided to take full financial responsibility as well by paying for Pacino’s medical bill.

When Brittany took Pacino home, he showed signs of fear and unsure of his surroundings. However, Pacino realized that he was in safe hands and that the people who took him home want nothing but to show him love and care.

Pacino eventually trusted Brittany and her boyfriend. Soon enough, Pacino warmed up to his foster family.

The couple realized that Pacino really didn’t have a great life. He didn’t even know how to play with dog toys, and they had to teach him how.

As time passed, Pacino started to come out of his shell. He became a dog again. He showed that he could be the sweetest and silliest dog in the world.

Eventually, Brittany and her boyfriend grew to love Pacino and decided to adopt him permanently.

Thanks to Brittany and her boyfriend, Pacino experienced how to be loved and care for. Here’s a video showing what Pacino went through and how he recovered with the help of Brittany.

Source Video MY DOGS via YouTube


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