As fur parents, we must teach our beloved canines proper manners and behavior. To achieve this, experts reiterate the importance of positive reinforcement and consistency during their training sessions.

However, it looks like this whole notion of positive reinforcement’s gone overboard when a fur dad starts training his dachshund pup to use the bell.

Ring the bell, Maddie.

This adorable training session video starts with fur dad calling the attention of his dachshund puppy named Maddie. Ever the eager pooch, Maddie excitedly runs towards Dad’s direction, accidentally ringing the bell in the process.

Little did Maddie know that this ordinary-looking bell’s part of a lesson that Dad prepared for her. Dad wants Maddie to use the bell to call him whenever she wants to go outside.

As such, Dad begins the lesson by encouraging Maddie to ring the bell. But, it looks like the puppy’s distracted with the handful of dog treats, so Dad patiently coaxes the pooch to do the task first.

Way to go, Maddie!

After a series of encouragements and showing the pooch the bell, Maddie finally manages to ring it. Instantly, Dad rewards Maddie with the yummy treats she so desired.

Maddie quickly caught onto Dad’s aim as she starts ringing the bell in succession. Every time the puppy successfully does the task, Dad doles out the treat to the excitedly waiting pooch.

Though at times the intelligent pup forgets ringing the bell, Dad patiently reminds her and even points out the bell for her. Smart Maddie then quickly pounces on the bell a few times for her to get another taste of her snacks.

Maddie continues ringing the bell until there were no more treats left in Dad’s hand. How do you think the smart puppy reacted to this situation? If you wish to find out how the training went, check out the video below.

Video Credit: kirkmillerdotcom via YouTube


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