Most dogs regard their beds as their haven. It is their nest and comfort zone. Sometimes, they like to share beds with their human parents, but when parents share their dog beds, things get a little chaotic. Take for example Henry, a Great Dane, who found it greatly displeasing to see his dad napping on his dog bed.

Henry’s bed is Henry’s bed

Henry is a Great Dane who loves his bed way too much. It is where he lounges and chills, and dreams of delicious treats and squishy toys. He can share his dad’s bed sometimes, but dad can never share his dog bed. For Henry, it just doesn’t work that way.

But one day, Henry’s dad decided to take a nap on his dog bed. Imagine how Henry felt having a human curl up into a ball comfortably sleeping on his dog bed. Henry wasn’t happy at all, and he was determined to make that clear to his dad.

Get off my bed, dad

So, Henry approached his sleeping dad gently. At first, he just wanted to poke him with his paw. But his dad didn’t move or budge. The dog had to resort to harsher measures and proceeded to nudge the human with his face. But his dad was just as adamant.

When Henry couldn’t take it any longer, he barked furiously at his human as if telling him “get off my bed, dad!” He gave his dad another nudge, but the human only tried to console him with a stroke on his fur. Still, his dad won’t get up Henry’s precious bed.

That calmed Henry down for just a couple of seconds, but he, later on, realized that dad was just tricking him. He proceeded to slightly wrestle with his dad for the bed until dad decided that it’s time to get up and let Henry take his rightful spot.

Watch Henry hilariously struggle to get dad off his bed on the video below.

Thanks to Rumble Viral.


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