An adorable stray dog has melted the hearts of village residents in South Korea by merely being his joyful, charming self. He walks around from place to place, being uber friendly to anyone and occasionally stopping for some belly rub.

He follows a routine, too. In the morning, he visits a lady office worker for a real estate company, and he gets rewarded with a cup of water and a lot of soothing strokes. Then he takes off and sits in front of a store, greeting every person who comes in.

The store owner goes out and pets him, and then attaches a note to his collar. The store owner knows the dog’s next stop—an ice shop—and sends a note telling them he wants to order. Sure enough, the dog heads straight to the ice shop where people are already expecting him.

At around 5 p.m., he returns to the lady office worker at the real estate company and asks for a snack. However, he doesn’t eat it. He carries the food in his mouth and runs off. As it turns out, he brings the food to a black dog somewhere in the neighborhood.

The black dog used to be a stray dog like him, but it was not well loved by the people. He kept the black dog company and helped it overcome its fear of people. Eventually, the black dog was adopted by a caring woman, but their friendship remained and he visited his friend every day.

But what about him? Where was his home? Did somebody own him? Did he get lost? Did he run away? People in the neighborhood are unsure of his background. Some said his owner probably moved to another place and left him there.

Yet a happy, friendly dog like him deserves a warm family to come home to. Fortunately, a woman he met at the ice plant fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. She took him home to a large family where he will be showered with lots of love.

He will never roam the streets again. The people will miss him, but they are glad he now has a forever home.

Source: SBS TV via YouTube


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