Jose Guzman just proved that, indeed, dogs are man’s best friend as he risked his very life to save Gabbana, his two-year-old beloved pit bull. As seen in this video, he ran from nowhere and past the two firemen. The firemen tried to save his fire-engulfed home in Pala, San Diego while frantic. In seconds, he ran back out with his dog.

Why Jose Guzman ran back

On a one-on-one interview with ABC10 News, Jose Guzman admitted that what he just did may be ridiculous to many but not for him nor his family. He said that Gabbana is a family member and every one of his three kids would have been devastated if anything bad happened to the dog. The entire Guzman family would have been ruined if he was not able to get the dog out of their blazing home.

Where was Gabbana

Jose Guzman said that Gabbana hid in the safety of the bathroom. He managed to get the dog and the duo run out of the fire. While the fire is not felt in that area yet, Guzman suffered a few minor burns on his right arm and face.

How it happened

When the fire broke, Jose Guzman and his family – as anyone else’s first reaction would be – ran to safety. Later did they realize that Gabbana was still inside the house, probably trapped by the now blazing fire. Broken, Jose Guzman ran back and past the firemen who are very busy stopping the fire. Stunned of the bold move, they are not able to stop Guzman.

Later on, everyone gets frantic because of Guzman’s act. In a few seconds more, Guzman came out running with the dog. Everyone cheered and applauded him for his heroic act. His family is extremely proud of what he did.

Source: BarStool Sports via KUSI News


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