A dog that provides unconditional love deserves the best life possible provided by their owner. They deserve to be loved like a family member. However, eventually, owners are going to make mistakes when taking care of a dog.

So, the best course of action is to know what mistakes you are committing in order to avoid or start correcting them.

Forgetting research before getting a dog

The best way to avoid mistakes when you have a dog is to be prepared even before getting one. A lot of time and money goes into caring for a dog, so if you don’t want to waste both, do your research.

Every breed is different when it comes to the care they need. Some dogs need more exercise and attention than others. There are dogs for a more social lifestyle and there are dogs for a solitary living.

Forgetting to check which pet store is best

There are pet stores who get their supply of puppies from so-called puppy mills. These are places that keep dogs in inhumane conditions before transferring them to a pet store.

Do not support pet stores who get their dogs from puppy mills. You should opt to adopt a dog from a local shelter or a pound. Rescue centers can help you choose the right dog for you as well.

Not socializing with your puppy immediately

When you choose to adopt a puppy instead of a full grown dog, you have a great window of time to be able to commence behavior training. Take it is a responsibility for you to help them socialize at a young age. The earlier the better.

If you wait for them to grow before attempting to socialize, this can become difficult. Fear may set in and their suspicion will make your attempt a challenge.

Make sure to introduce them to other people and pets in a safe environment early on.

Having inconsistent training

Believe it or not, the hardest part about training a dog is mostly the owners. Not being consistent with training is the most frequent mistake pet owners make.

This happens when a routine for training isn’t followed. When a schedule isn’t respected, inconsistencies can cause the dog to be confused, making the little training you give far less effective compared to having consistent training regimes.

This can happen when different family members give different commands often contradicting ones. The condoning of behavior from one member of the household–especially if the behavior is something the owner doesn’t want to continue–is a major issue.

Corrections are taking a while

Destructive behavior such as chewing on furniture or improper defecation is something that should be addressed with urgency. if you delay correction, dogs will continue to display this behavior.

Unlike us, dogs are creatures of the present. Meaning they value the immediate more than the past. This is why gratification or correcting actions must be done as the behavior happens.

Our methods of communication affects the overall growth of our dogs.


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