Most of us consider our dogs to be part of our family as members and not just pets. That’s how far some owners are willing to describe their dogs. So the question is, do our dogs love us back the way we do? How do we know this?

Well, there are signs to look out for to determine and make sure if our dogs in fact really do adore us in a similar way.

Making eye contact

For us people, eye contact is necessary for us to show that we are paying attention. In the word of dogs, it’s a different case. Dogs making eye contact with each other is often taken as a sign of aggression or rudeness.

So when dogs stare at you this can be a sign of affection and love. If you look them in the eyes and they look back calmly then you can be sure they adore you.

The sound of your voice makes them excited

When a dog runs to you after hearing your voice, that can be one of the best feelings ever. Usually, they will stop what they’re doing and to greet you.

They like your scent

An owner’s scent can activate or trigger the reward center of a dog’s brain. Scientists have scanned the brains of dogs and found out that when they smell someone the dogs knew, the part of their brain’s reward center lit up more.

The trained dogs were subjected to an MRI scan. Their brains were scanned while being shown or presented with different individual people. Some were strangers and some were people that didn’t know. The positive response can be equated to a sense of longing or love.

Tail wagging

This one is an obvious sign of love. Aside from that, there is complexity in it. When your dog wags his tail accompanied with a wag of the entire body, that’s a pretty positive sign.

Observe the wagging tail if it leans more to the right. That’s a sign of even greater affection. This was discovered by Italian scientists who used tracking cameras to track tail wags of approximately 30 pet canines.

Dog snuggles with you

Dogs can sometimes choose on their own to come close to you and snuggle. Although there’s no research behind this, it’s pretty obvious that snuggling is a sign of affection.

Leaning on owners is also a sign of affection, if you experience your dog sleeping on your feet, or putting their paw on your knee, you can be sure they really love you. Try inviting your dog to chill with you on the couch, if you see a positive response, that’s a confirmation.


A calm smile directed towards you is definitely a sign of adoration.  A happy dog can often flash a smile or a relaxed open mouth.


As pet owners, we want to display that we love our dogs and our dog’s feel the same way. We can use these signs as a starting point to know where we are at our current relationship with our dog.



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