Dogs are naturally friendly and it seems easy for them to get along with other dogs easily. For some people, it can be hard socializing unless there’s an easy conversation starter.

Dogs provide a good conversation starter when you’re taking them for a walk at the park. Unlike dogs who take almost instantly to socialize, we humans need a reason to interact and a way to keep the interest and conversation flowing.

The value of a dog-friendly routine

If you are often taking trips to the dog park or are constantly going outdoors with your dog, then it’s best to schedule a routine where you’d be more likely to come across and interact with other dog owners.

Mostly you’re going to see similar faces, especially for those who also have their dog walks scheduled.

The value of a meet-up group

All over the country, you can find groups that focus on dog-related activities and socializing events. You are bound to find one near you at meet people.

There are also organizations that cater to specific breeds. So if you’re into that too, then take time to join them.

If you can’t find one create your own

Sometimes you can be unlucky and your neighborhood doesn’t really have a dog meet-up group. If that’s the case, then that’s not really a big problem. You can go ahead and start your own group.

Even during the process of establishing the group, you will be able to meet fellow dog lovers as you will need to invite and inform people about the group you are establishing.

There have been several cases of dog owners establish breed-specific groups like Buffy Snider who founded a group called The Colorado Bernese Mountain DMG (Dog Meet-up Group).

A dog obedience class

Now is the best time to take an obedience class and meet people. There are classes that are tailored for different levels, you can search around and find one that fits your canine’s obedience level.

Several dog owners are in the same position as you. These people are all willing to learn and get better at training their dog. So with the same goal in mind, you are likely to get along with these people.

If obedience training is something you have already completed and you want something more challenging there are other dog classes out there–agility training is one example.

Owners often meet once a week for several weeks. Now to be sure that your canine is okay and good to go for these type of training, consult your veterinarian.

Consider a breed club

Breed clubs are just like everything mentioned earlier except they are for specific breeds. The activities are going to vary since each breed has a different need and set of characteristics that are going to matter and be taken into consideration during meetings.

As a bonus, clubs also organize events for members too, sometimes gatherings that aren’t related to their dog but more for socialization. This is a great opportunity to make new friends.


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