Perhaps, the most challenging thing to do whenever you’re at fault is to ask for forgiveness. While it takes a big heart to forgive a guilty person, it takes lots of courage for the offending party to say sorry. And not everyone can do exactly that.

However, for Ares the adorable husky, he surely knows how to feel ashamed of the misdeed he did.

What did you do, Ares?

In a funny video that became viral on the internet, one can see a cute Siberian husky acting all dejected.

However, by the looks of it, this husky carried out a misdeed to his owners; hence, the distressed look on his face.

It turns out this Siberian husky named Ares went into a forbidden area – the kitchen. And everybody knows what happens when you’re in an area you’re not supposed to go. Ares’ owner tried to pull him out of the kitchen, but the dog attempted to bite his owner.

And all that transpired did not escape the sharp eyes of fur mom.

I’m sorry, Mom. I’ll never do it again.

Now that mom witnessed everything that happened, Ares found himself in a sticky situation he can’t escape.

As Ares did a bad thing to his owner, he needs to apologize for it. Fur mom knows this, so she starts scolding Ares. Incredibly enough, the pooch seemed to understand mom’s point, as he manages to answer accordingly with a human-like whine.

Moving forward, mom questions Ares regarding the appropriateness of his actions. And, it seems Ares understands that what he did was wrong, as the pooch responded in a whine that sounds like a no.

If I were in mom’s shoes, I’d forgive Ares already.

Now, tell your brother you’re sorry.

Now that Ares finally realized his mistake, mom encourages the pooch to say sorry to his big brother.

But, it looks like for Ares, it’s easier to admit one’s fault rather than beg for forgiveness. Though he still looks guilty for what he’s done, the pooch’s pride holds him back from doing what mom tells him to do.

Do you think Ares managed to say sorry to his brother heartily? Watch the video until the last second for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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