Have you ever experienced being so annoyed at something when all of a sudden your favorite song begins to play, and you find yourself singing along? In moments like these, the song just makes the annoyance fade away, and you forget why you were angry in the first place.

Music has a way of soothing the emotions. This is very true for a husky named Maya, who was having issues with her human mom but was thawed when mom sang her favorite song.

Maya was feeling mad at her mom for putting flea spray on her. She wouldn’t talk to her mom. She wouldn’t even look when mom called her name. Maya was angry at what mom did, and she wanted her to know it.

So mom decided to do something she knew would ease Maya’s displeasure over the flea spray incident. She started to sing her husky’s favorite song ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical comedy-drama ‘Annie.’ She hoped that doing this would at least get Maya to look at her.

When she started singing, there was no response from Maya at first. But by the time she sang the second line, Maya gave out a low howl and began singing with her.

Despite still being angry at her mom, Maya couldn’t resist the song. She just had to sing along.  However, Maya still refused to look at mom when she called her name.

So mom tried again. She continued to sing, and her fur baby sang with her. Mom let Maya enjoy the song a bit longer before stopping to see if she would look at her this time.

“Are you gonna forgive me? Are you gonna look at me?” mom asked the stubborn husky, who still wouldn’t turn her head to respond to her.

So mom tried one more time and sang the chorus of the song. The husky sang a bit but didn’t join the singing too much, as if to say, “I like the song, but I’m still mad at you.”

Finally, mom tried one last time and went back to the first line of the song. This broke all of Maya’s reserve, singing with mom and finally turning her face to look at her.

Mom was so happy that Maya was talking to her again. Her trick worked, after all.

Source: Achilles Husky Puppies via YouTube


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