Endo is a vicious dog. Well, viciously optimistic. And this photo shows an exceptionally unusual moment where he chose to just sit still.

More often than not, Endo favors jumping than chilling around. He leaps onto the air with his tail wagging like crazy. And he does it even if other dogs possibly find it daunting or intimidating.

Most recently, Endo had to go visit his vet at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. For some reason, he managed to get a foxtail fern stuck inside his ear. And his excitement level was 11/10.

Photo Credits to Matha Tissot van Patot via The Dodo

As his mom, Matha Tissot van Patot, was at the reception table explaining Endo’s visit to the vet staff, the happy dog just kept skyrocketing upward. It’s as if he was trying to get involved in whatever his mom was doing. And after a couple of bounces, the lady behind the reception desk started to crease up about Endo’s positive and delightful antics.

A Coloradoan approached the two and Tissot van Patot told her, “He is always in very good spirits.” And revealed that the way Endo behaved at the vet’s clinic was not an isolated one. It’s actually too far from being one. Here’s the footage that captured Endo in his joyous action:

Endo the Happy Dog

FRI-YAY!Endo the dog is a very good boy.

Posted by Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Video Credits to Facebook/Colorado State University Teaching Hospital

“Yes! Endo does the bouncing at everyplace, everywhere,” said Tissot van Patot. “In his world, every activity, every second is his perfect opportunity for him to jump because of joy. Coming or leaving home, feeding time, biking, going for a walk, swimming, playing fetch. Yup! It’s just all the time, like always!”

Endo’s optimism and cheerfulness are more than hilarious. Whether people see him bouncing in the flesh or just in video clips online, it helps people to find and feel happiness. It’s a nice and agreeable reminder that positivity is really powerful.

“It’s nice to know that my sweet lunatic boy brings joy,” Tissot van Patot.


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