Adam Herbaugh couldn’t believe what he’d heard after bringing in a lost hound for a tag microchip scan in the Companion Animal Hospital. The dog, which he found in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania while he was walking his own two dogs, had been missing for over a year and a half, and thousands of miles away from his home.

The dog’s name is Jake, and his microchip was registered to a family in Phoenix, Arizona. According to the records, Jake suddenly went missing from the family’s yard. So, it’s indeed a complete mystery how Jake went from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania.

When found by Herbaugh, the lost coonhound happily went home with him when he jokingly asked the latter to go with him. Herbaugh discovered that Jake came with a microchip, and was quick to conclude that the coonhound was a lost dog. Soon enough, Jake was brought to the hospital for a microchip scan. After discovering Jake’s history, the hospital staff contacted the A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue.

Jake’s family was contacted, but unable to pick him up because they just had a newborn baby. The rescuers planned and organized ways to help poor old Jake return to his family in Arizona, and indeed, they came up with an unusual plan. To cover 2000 miles in the least number of days, the group contacted 20 volunteers to take the lost dog from Pennsylvania to Arizona.

Each volunteer was asked to take Jake with them and cover an average of 100 miles each. The task was tough, but each volunteer managed to do it. In just a matter of three days, Jake was able to cover 10 states and was able to reach Arizona safely. Most of all, Jake was finally reunited with his family after a year and a half.

Source Inside Edition via Youtube


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