In Lake Tahoe, California, a family is reunited with their beloved dog that went missing for two years. It’s the kind of story that renews hope in our lives.

In October of 2012, the Braun family from El Dorado Hills, California, took a camping trip with their dog at a campsite in Tahoe National Forest. While camping, the five-year-old Golden Retriever named Murphy ran off after being scared by the sound of a gunshot. The family was unable to locate their dog and went home brokenhearted.

In June of 2014, nearly two years after going missing, Murphy was spotted emerging from Tahoe National Forest. Campers noticed the Golden Retriever wandering around at the French Meadows Reservoir, which is only five miles from the campsite where the dog had initially been staying.

The campers recognized the dog from the many fliers left around by her owners, Erin and Nathan Braun. The Brauns were notified, and they immediately drove from their El Dorado Hills home to Tahoe. For days they came up unsuccessful in finding Murphy. Here is a video clip of the story:

The Braun’s had an idea to leave an old bed of Murphy’s and some of their clothing with a camp host, hoping the dog would remember them. Their idea was successful. One week later, the camp host called to tell them Murphy was sleeping on the things they left.

Murphy was successfully put in a kennel and returned to her owners. The Golden Retriever was identified from an L-shape scar she has above her right elbow. Much more thin and frail than she was before she went missing, Murphy was at least healthy and started gaining more weight and energy every day since she was rescued. It’s incredible to think she survived out in the forest, blistering hot in the summer, and very cold and snowy in the winter. A miracle, indeed.

Credits: TomoNews US YouTube


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