An entrepreneur on the internet sells realistic-looking dog cakes that look incredibly detailed! Honestly, I don’t know if I should be happy or worried about it, but I think the cake tastes divine! Sugary bulldogs, puppies in layers of fondant and huskies with cream are some of the delectable delights they have to offer.

Though, some pet owners have no chill. They would buy this cake and eat it in front of their dogs and see what sort of reaction they would get from their horrified (or not) pets.

In this compilation, we see a variety of reactions from different dogs! Some of them get scared that they ran back to their cages and shut the door themselves. One of the Pugs sniffed the yummy pastry and also seemed eager to play with this puppy who smells undeniably good. But when his owner stabbed the canine eclair with a fork, the Pug ran for dear life.

One owner was holding a butcher knife to slice the cake (who carves cake with butcher knives?), and he does it in front of one of his Huskies. As the blade came down like a guillotine, the horrified the Husky crawled under the table in disbelief.

One Golden Retriever was snarling at his owner when the spoon simply so much as touched the cake. The most common reaction that may be seen in the compilation is being shocked and scared! I mean, can you blame the poor dogs? I know I would freak out if a human cake is being sliced off in front of me even if it’s fake!

Would you try this delicious dog treat? Or would you use it to prank your pet with? I think I would rather have the cakes for dessert (while hiding in the closet so my pets won’t see).

Watch the hilarious (for me anyway) video here:

Source: Wow Animals via YouTube


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