For years, Pit Bulls have been unfairly judged and stereotyped as dogs with behavioral problems. Their reputation was maligned, and they were notoriously known as violent dogs who can never be like other domesticated canines. But things are gradually changing, for Pit Bulls are proving before humanity that they are not what most humans think they are.

Meet Sasha, a Pit Bull. Sasha is the family dog of the Chai family in Stockton California. Despite her mean looks, Sasha acts just like any typical dog – she’s sweet; she’s fun; and most of all, she’s not the aggressive type. She may be a Pit Bull, but she’s best friends with her family’s baby, Masailah.

Sasha and Masailah’s friendship developed a few months back. Both Sasha and Masailah were born just a few days apart – and since then, they had each other’s company, and they do almost everything together. Their bond was so special that the duo was almost inseparable.

Latana Chai, Masailah’s mother, recalled one fateful day when Sasha began to act strangely. Sasha was agitated for some reason – she began crying, jumping, and scratching at the door – apparently demanding to let her in the room. Once she was inside, she began to bark – urging the mother to investigate.

Latana Chai was led outside by Sasha, and was frightened at what she saw – her neighbor’s house was already in flames, and it’s about to engulf their house as well. She rushed to the baby’s room to save Masailah, but was surprised once again. In the room, she saw Sasha frantically dragging the baby by the diaper obviously attempting to save the baby from the rapidly-spreading flames.

Thankfully, the whole family, including Sasha, survived thanks to the Pit Bull’s warnings. This only proves that Sasha deeply cares about Masailah and her family.

Source KCRA News via Youtube


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