A dog parent from West Palm Beach, Florida was devastated after losing his precious Pit Bull. The dog was stolen, and the man was unable to find clues that would help him locate his pet. Their journey back to each other is a story of faith, hope, and love.

The stolen Pit Bull

Barry Gearhart’s Pit Bull, Titan, was sitting at the back of his truck when a stranger grabbed him. The thief left no trace at all, making it difficult for Gearhart to find his best friend. The dog parent went crazy, trying to look for his pet. He frantically posted pleas on his Facebook account and canvassed neighborhoods, desperate to find Titan.

It seemed like Gearhart’s efforts were in vain. He posted posters all over the city, but no one responded. The odds were not in his favor, but he did not give up. Gearhart remained hopeful that one day, he will be reunited with his beloved Pit Bull.

Once lost, finally found

Lady luck smiled upon Gearhart when a woman saw Titan’s photo on the Facebook page, Loxahatchee Lost and Found. She recognized the Pit Bull, so she reached out to Gearhart immediately. He made a mad dash to the shelter his Pit Bull was held at after hearing from the woman. He could not fight back his tears after finally seeing Titan.

Just like his owner, Titan could not stop crying when he saw Gearhart. He was locked in a cage, but he badly wanted to hug his human. It was such an emotional moment for the two best friends.

Nobody knows what happened to Titan after his abduction. The important thing is, he is healthy, safe, and happy to be with his human again. Gearhart posted an emotional video of their reunion. You can watch it here:

Omg miracles never cease my Titan boy is been gone for one year and four days I posted something on Facebook today with a bunch of his pictures and Bam I got to hit he's coming home

Posted by Barry Gearhart on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Credits to Barry Gearhart


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