No matter how advanced our society is, there are always people who would take advantage of and exploit animals just to make a quick profit. Dogs are among one of the most abused and exploited animals out there by getting them to fight each other in dog-fighting rings.

Dog-fighting is illegal. This activity basically involves dogs pitted to fight each other leaving both severely injured and most likely dead afterward. People who exploit these poor creatures place bets on them to make money.

One pit bull rescued from this illegal and inhumane activity is named Betsy. When rescuers found her, they couldn’t believe how she could still be alive with her condition. Betsy had a massive gash on her head with almost no skin on top, one of her ears was missing, and she had bite marks all over her body.

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Although Betsy trained as a dog-fighter, she didn’t want to fight. So, the people who organized the dog-fighting rings made her into a bait dog. Bait dogs are used to gauge the aggressiveness of fighting dogs. Bait dogs have their teeth filed and chained when the attacks happen.

Because Betsy didn’t want to fight, she was made into a bait dog and torn to pieces by fighting dogs. Betsy was left to die after the attacks.

The rescuers did all they can to provide Betsy with the best treatment and care. Day after day, she regained strength and proved to be the sweetest dog towards her rescuers.

All Betsy wanted is to be loved and also give love to people. Regardless of what she experienced in the hands of humans, she’s still very trusting and makes people happy.

Dogs like Betsy deserves a second chance to be happy. This video below will show us what Betsy went through as a dog-fighter and also how she recovered in the hands of her rescuers and foster parents.

Video Source Viktor Larkhill via YouTube


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