Everyone has their own real-life superhero, but not everyone gets the chance to meet them in person. That’s why it can get pretty exciting when that day happens, which was what exactly happened to this police dog.

Can you still remember the fictional police dog that you used to watch when you were still a kid? The one who wears a trench coat and tells you to stay out of trouble? Yes. His name is McGruff the Crime Dog. Apparently, this heroic fictional character police dog is still around, and he recently met one of his biggest fans, a fellow police dog.

Greg Padden was in the metro station in New York City over the weekend when he came across an adorable scene. Assembled in the area was a group of cops, holding a meet-and-greet with the public. One of them was McGruff.


Most likely, McGruff’s presence was intended to appeal to children. However, no one was more excited to meet the famed Crime Dog in person than one of his colleagues, a K9 officer. The real-life police dog lost it when he met McGruff. He couldn’t believe that, finally, he met his hero.

The police dog kept wagging his tail and jumped up several times just to give his hero some kisses and licks. McGruff couldn’t be happier too to meet one of his biggest fans, who happens to be a fellow K9 cop at that. In return, he petted the doggo and gave him some hugs before they parted ways.

The two of them looked nothing but adorable. So, even if the K9 cop was obviously on duty, his coworkers didn’t seem to mind that the doggo took a few-minute break for his fanboy moment. After all, it’s not every day that the hardworking K9 cop gets to meet his hero.

Credit: iamthephototaker


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