In Dundee, Scotland, a hilariously annoyed Boxer puppy lays on the car horn when her owner takes too long shopping. She definitely got her fifteen minutes of fame; by honking the horn for fifteen minutes!

Little Fern was a bit frustrated when her owner, Graham Haddow took too long in an art gallery. Onlookers said they saw the Boxer climb into the driver’s seat of the car and start incessantly honking the horn. Many people walking about thought initially thought it was an angry driver or someone who had passed out in their car and was slumped over the horn. Concerned, people started gathering around the car.

That’s when the crowd noticed the hilarious scene inside the car. The stubborn Boxer would not let up on the horn. People started taking pictures and videos of the dog, and soon posts began surfacing on social media.

Graham Haddow, age 58, exited the art gallery and said at first he was scared something had happened to Fern. At about a hundred yards away he saw the massive crowd of people gathered around his car. He also heard the honking. Panicked, Graham started running toward his car. Here’s a video clip of the funny incident:

He soon realized the people were laughing and he saw lots of people snapping photographs. As he approached the car, he said the Boxer just gave him a sideways look and continued pressing on the horn. Graham said Fern usually is excited to see him and stands up, wagging her tail. This time she made it clear she was annoyed at her owner. Too funny!

A boy on a scooter told Haddow his dog had been honking the horn for at least fifteen minutes. Graham and Fiona Haddow were on a day trip to Broughty Ferry when the eighteen-month-old Boxer had a field day with their car horn.

Credits: The Courier.Co.Uk and WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7 YouTube



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