Old Lady, a senior Saint Bernard at the age of 10, has been missing for 17 days. She had disappeared into the wilderness of Minnesota without anything, even a double coat fur, to at least battle the freezing temperature outside. And Azure Davis almost lost every hope that they’d still find Old Lady alive.

Davis, Ruff Start Rescue founder, had known Old Lady only for a short time. But she trusted that the fearful senior pooch was tougher and stronger than how she looked. Old Lady, along with 400 other dogs, was saved from a puppy mill earlier in January.

Ruff Start Rescue had placed Old Lady under foster care. But just before she could even step inside her foster home, some unexpected things had occurred. Old Lady took off running.

“Old Lady was picked up by the foster and took her home,” said Davis. “But as they got off the car, the chomping ice sound got her spooked. So she took off while dragging her foster partly down the driveway.”

Davis sought help from The Retrievers, the volunteer team in Saint Paul, Minnesota that helps in finding lost dogs. While several search parties were unsuccessful in bringing Old Lady back home, a few potential sightings gave them hope to keep searching. “Old Lady is one strong and quick dog for her senior age,” wrote Davis on Ruff Start Rescue’s official Facebook page.

Days passed and the temperature started to drop to -10℉. Then on January 21st, Davis got the call she’s been waiting for. An old man with his grandsons spotted the old dog knotted below a tree in the middle of the woods.

Davis, together with Julie Lessard, her partner, approached the senior dog with caution. And carefully, they slipped a leash on her before freeing her off the tree. They just couldn’t believe the search was finally over.

After the big adventure, Old Lady is now ready to accept some human kindness. One member of the search parties who helped in finding Old Lady was smitten with her. And in that very moment, the woman decided to adopt Old Lady.

Photo Credits to Ruff Start Rescue

“She has experience with Saint Bernards,” explained Davis. “And she had worked with plenty of shy and timid dogs. So, they are a perfect match.”


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