Dog-fighting is animal abuse. It’s illegal and inhumane that dogs, specifically pit bulls, suffer from this activity. The dogs involved in dog-fighting are lucky if they get injured and get out alive. The unlucky ones eventually die.

Although dog-fighting is illegal in the country, there are still underground dog-fighting rings that exist today. Sometimes, dogs are abandoned if they lose or if they outlive their usefulness for the people involved in this illegal activity. One dog which used to be a bait dog in a dog-fighting ring ended up in someone’s porch.

The homeowner saw that dog and determined that it was about five-month-old. It was a pit bull and was full of injuries all over its body. The poor puppy had bite marks and wounds on its neck, and if it weren’t for the dog’s tail wagging now and then, they would’ve thought it was already dead.

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The homeowner called a rescue organization based in Topeka, Kansas named Unleashed Pet Rescue, which raced towards the home where the puppy collapsed. Upon arrival, they found it hard to tell that the creature was indeed a dog. The eyes were swollen shut, it had huge gashes across the neck, and the rest of the body had fresh bite marks all over.

They suspected that the puppy is a bait dog for an illegal dog-fighting ring. Bait dogs are generally dogs used to gauge the aggressiveness of the fighting dogs. They are often abused and left to die once they serve their purpose.

The rescuers decided to name the dog Jax and started him on the road to recovery. Thanks to the efforts of the rescuers, Jax eventually got better every single day. A family decided to foster Jax and showered him with love and attention during his recovery. The foster family cared for Jax and saw that he had the will to live. His eyes which used to be shut started to open, and his tail also began to wag whenever someone pets him.

Jax started to trust people again even when he was abused and left to die. Thanks to the rescuers, Jax is now healthy. Here’s a video of Jax’s road to recovery and how rescuers provided him with all the love and care in the world to help him. You wouldn’t believe that it’s the same dog after seeing him at the end of the video.

Video Source Jacob Meyer via YouTube


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