If you are a dog lover, then you have to love the original IMAX presentation “Superpower Dogs”. It stars one of America’s most adored therapy dogs, Surf Dog Ricochet. This 10-year-old Golden Retriever is a surfer and a charmer. He rounds to promote his new flick on IMAX, which airs this week. Elizabeth Alvarez is one of the lucky few who got the chance for a photo op.

What to do if you see Superpower Dogs

If you chance upon this Golden Retriever, do not hesitate to snap a photo or selfie. This is a rare opportunity as the film airs this week. This means that there will be much less opportunity to see this dog walking by, as well as stricter rules in getting up close with it in the future. If the rating hikes up, the fewer such chances will ever be.

So at the first chance you see dog stars like this, take out your camera and strike a pose. If you wanted a more classy take, ask one of the trainers or guards to do the capturing for you – just like what Elizabeth Alvarez did. It’s more official and of course, better quality.

What not to do

One of the things that you should never ever do is give the dog food or drink. Doing this will definitely make you a questionable person to its trainers and guards. Giving it anything to eat can do bad to its diet. You don’t want to look suspicious so never try to do that. If you really want to give it anything, stick with souvenir or dog toy.


To avoid suspicion of any kind, always check the rules in getting photo op with the dog. If there is none, try to get the opinion of the trainer or guard before you attempt anything.

Source: Elizabeth Alvarez via Twitter


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