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When one is saved from a loveless life and experiences what love is, one’s true self emerges. Salty was rescued from a greyhound racing. She has been racing for over two years.

After being in races, she was also used for breeding. This dog has never felt being love or being held. She was used for race and breeding only.

They had no way of socializing with others. There was nothing there. But when this dog was rescued and got her own family, that’s when her true personality emerged.

And she is such a diva! She gets upset over the little things. If her bed is not made up, she gets upset. If her pillow is not arranged right, she gets upset.

She acts more like a human being than a dog as she would rather get a puppuccino than go run in the park. Or maybe she already had enough running in one lifetime. This diva also gets upset if she does not get her puppucino in the morning.

Aside from being upset most of the time, she has her unique and quirky qualities. She has this overbite where makes her look really dorky when she sleeps. And she has this chattering habit when she gets happy and excited.

She keeps on chattering which means that she is excited all the time. She is enjoying and loving the life that she has now. Her spoiled life is a far cry from her racing and breeding one.

Instead of racing for money, she now enjoys her puppuccino in the morning. A life that she may not have imagined, but it’s a life that she has and definitely deserves. She brings so much joy to her family with everything that she does.

Salty is lucky to have been saved and given a chance to live such an amazing life.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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