When one saves a life, you’ll never know how many lives you actually saved. Someone has called the team about a homeless dog who has been living in a shopping cart.

The team approach the dog and saw a good sign as the dog did not attempt to run. When the lead was put on her, she did not resist, but she did retreat to the shopping cart.

It seems that it finds the shopping cart as a safe place for her. It must be a place of comfort for the cold nights. The team started to touch the dog and gain her trust which the dog did not resist again.

The team was able to carry her and bring her with them. They named the rescue dog Bailey. Bailey was properly cleaned up and taken care of. And after a few weeks, Bailey gave her rescuers a surprise.

Bailey went into labor. Because she had people around her to keep her safe and make sure she has a safe delivery, she gave birth to five lovely dogs: four beautiful girls and one wiggly boy.

When Bailey’s life was saved, the lives of the puppies in her body were saved too. The rescuers did not only save on life, but they saved a total of six lives that day. It is incredible how a great act of kindness and love multiplies with urgency.

This family was given a chance to live. They were given a chance at life because of the rescue. If the rescue did not happen, they might still be on the streets, still experiencing cold nights and sleeping on cold floors.

The puppies may not have survived long. But because they were rescued, this family has a bright future ahead of them.

Source Rescue From The Heart via YouTube


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