When one is in the brink of death, and someone saves you, that would be the most fantastic feeling in the world. Meet Kelly. Kelly is an Australian Shepherd who was lined up to be shot until she was rescued.

Amanda Fuller had an Australian Shepherd and wanted to get another one. While she was scrolling pages and sites for dogs, she came upon the picture of Kelly. When she learned her backstory, she wanted to keep her.

Kelly was lined up to be shot by her breeder as she was a result of two Merle’s. This is not ideal as when two Merles mate, their offspring will have a different colored fur which the breeders will have difficulty selling.

It’s not much the color as it is the health issues that come with it. They are usually blind, deaf or their eyes are deformed. Different breeders have different ways of dealing with the ones born with defects.

Others are abandoned, others are sold in the hopes that the buyer does not notice, and others, like Kelly’s breeders, just shoot and get it over with.

Kelly was rescued in the nick of time. Fuller was concerned at first on how to take care of Kelly, but she accepted the challenge. She even got as far as building a foundation with a friend called Kelly’s cause. This foundation helps raise awareness of the health conditions when two Merle’s mate.

They also teach people how to take care of special needs puppies and dogs. What seemed like an ordinary adoption became a full-blown case. Fuller was the perfect mother for Kelly as she accepted her for who she is and took her in.

Because of Kelly, she has been adopting other dogs like Kelly and giving them the proper treatments.

Source WatchZozo via YouTube


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