When one looks different, sometimes people tend to laugh at you or avoid you. When all anyone wants is to be loved. That is precisely what Kila wanted and needed.

Kila was rescued somewhere in Tijuana when she was just a puppy. Kila was born blind and had this cartoon-like look to her. Drunk men would throw rocks at her which was such a cruel act.

When Kila’s mother saw her, she just knew that Kila belonged to her. She just fell in love. Kila could not have arrived in her life at a more perfect time as she was going through a transition.

She did not want to go out, and she did not want to be with anyone. That all changed when she got Kila. Kila did not mind all the cruelty that she went through or the fact that she is blind.

She held on to her spirit and was still such a happy camper. She enjoys playing with other dogs in the park and will even join in when some dogs and their owners play catch.

She makes everyone around her very happy. She is happy just being alive. And that’s an excellent lesson for anybody to have.

Kila’s mother got a new kitten. Kila now has a brother that she loves tremendously. They sleep and play together and enjoy each other’s company.

You can find them cuddling with each other which is just the sweetest of sights! A blind dog and a kitten, what could be better?

The dog with the cutest, goofiest face is also the most loving and happiest dog. She does not let her disability stop him from enjoying the world around her. This is one positive dog, and everyone needs to be inspired by her attitude towards life.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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