It’s easy to make dogs happy. A delicious cookie or a trip to the dog park can already brighten up their day. Sometimes you don’t even need to take bills from your wallet. Just pat them on the head or give them a belly rub and they already feel giddy. For two Pit Bulls from Sydney, Australia however, these simple treats are not enough. They want something more

Huckleberry and Butterwiggle

Patty Cakes Huckleberry Stoll and Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll are two adorable Pit Bull brothers. They do almost everything together. They eat, play, take baths, and sleep together. Their owners thought that Patty Cakes and Pikelet were content with what they had. Well, that was until they brought two fluffy ducklings home.

Fluffy ducky, you’re the one

It all started when Patty Cakes and Pikelet’s owners fostered ducklings from Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. The couple brought the ducklings home and introduced them to the Pit Bull brothers. They didn’t know how the two would react at first, so they carefully planned out the introduction.

The owners initially planned on fostering the ducklings, which meant the living arrangement was temporary. This plan changed when they saw that the dog brothers were so drawn to their new friends. The Pit Bulls were so fond of the ducklings; they didn’t want to let them go. The owners knew then that the four animals were meant to live together permanently.

Foster brothers

The Pit Bulls became foster brothers to the fluffy ducklings. They like hanging out with the two birds. Since their fluffy siblings are so little, they take extra caution when they’re around them. In fact, most of the duo’s time is spent on protecting the ducklings instead of playing with them. Watch how the four siblings bond here:

Penguin & Popinjay #spamPatty isn't fond of the camera (as you can probably tell). However he is extremely fond of Penguin & Popinjay. All he wants to do all day long is check in on the duckers. Ma & Pa say Patty is in fact "mesmerized". No sign of wanting to harm them, but still the rents will only let us hang out with Peg & PJay while supervised, cause you know… #safety 󾆺󾆺󾆷

Posted by Life of Pikelet on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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