Becoming close friends does not necessarily mean knowing each other for a long time. This is about the story of two dogs that became close friends at the shelter. Chilli Pepper and Blinker are stray dogs before they became residents of an animal rescue center. They were picked up by the animal control authority of Georgia and were turned over to the DeKalb County Animal Services.

The two dogs have different beginnings and reasons why they were picked up. Blinker was picked up because he was tied in a property without any shelter or a house dog, while Chilli Pepper lives in the street. Considering their previous living condition, it is apparent that these dogs have been through a lot. So, to improve their lives, the staff of the shelter had paired each dog to another to serve as kennel mate.

The staff has made the right decision of pairing Chilli Pepper and Blinker because the two became the best of friends. They have seen cuddling and snuggling each other in the kennel. As they are just new in the shelter, there are times that these dogs may experience stress. Thus, having a friend inside the shelter can be the best solution.

In spite of their individual differences, they have been so close to each other. Chilli Pepper is more energetic than Blinker. He loves running and chasing tennis balls. On the other hand, Blinker is clingy as he loves hugs. But they have one thing in common, and that is playing together.

Being in the shelter can improve the life of a stray dog, but it is also stressful. The good thing is that these dogs know how to comfort each other. They are included in the list of dogs for adoption, but Blinker needs medical treatment.

Both Blinker and Chilli Pepper are ideal pets because of their sweet and loving traits. They both deserve to have a forever home and family.

Credits to Dekalb County Animal Services


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