This pair of dogs — a brother and a sister, had been spending their days living in the streets of Los Angeles ever since they had been abandoned and hadn’t had a decent meal in a while. Despite the scarceness of food and the general difficulties of being homeless, they refused to leave each other’s side — wherever one went, the other was there, as well. It was just as well because the goal was to take them both off the streets, and not rescue one and fallow the other dog to escape and continue being homeless, alone.

The team of rescuers from the Hope For Paws responded to the call and brought two snares — one for each of the two dogs, and they started by luring them with a cheeseburger. They wanted to be able to secure them both at the same time because if one of them was captured first and started crying out loud, it would frighten the other one into running and would never trust them again. Unfortunately, that was exactly what happened — the male dog was secured first, and he started struggling against the snare immediately, leaving his sister desperate to help, but not knowing how.

dog, white, male

The rescuers spent a few minutes trying to calm down the male dog, and when he relaxed, they shifted their focus to his sister who had put a good distance between her and her rescuers. She ended up entering a property with a locked gate, and her rescuer jumped over it in pursuit, and it didn’t take long for the owner to notice what was going on. She encouraged him to continue with his work, and he eventually secured the dog using the snare, after which he stayed with her for a bit longer so that she would stop panicking.

After that, it was time for her to join her brother in the car, so that they could both be given warm baths, before continuing to their foster home.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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