For some people, when they see a disabled dog, euthanasia is the first thing that comes to mind. That was certainly the case for the small dog named Gracie. She was found in a pretty bad condition. Maggots were consuming her front legs and people advised putting her down. Of course, we wouldn’t have this story today if that was what happened. 

Tammy Turley was determined to help Gracie live and bounce back. Adopting Gracie was one of the best decisions she ever made. It turns out, this dog is pretty energetic. Gracie even has ways of getting around quickly, even with only two hind legs. She hops.

People who doubted Gracie’s ability to survive are now convinced that she’s an energetic dog. The pity turned to awe and amazement. The way she hops to get around is a prime example of canine cuteness. 

Tammy worries that Gracie’s nubs might get sore. That’s why she opted to get a wheelchair for her dog. She doesn’t want to find Gracie having some lung or internal problems because of how frequent she hops around. 

Gracie’s first wheelchair came in the form of Legos. They were made by a boy named Dylan, a volunteer at the shelter where Gracie came from. The first design was a success. They placed Gracie on it using velcro, and everything went well. 

It took Gracie a few seconds to figure out what she was on, but as soon as she chased food, the wheels started rolling. The wheelchair solved a lot of problems for Gracie. Aside from improved mobility, she no longer gets dirty after playing outside. 

Tammy and her friend are working on a new wheelchair for Gracie. The dog is growing, so she is going to need a bigger wheelchair to accommodate her size. It’s amazing how resourceful they are with this task.

Tammy also wants to send a message to everyone about the importance of disabled dogs. She says that special needs dogs are just like any other pups.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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