Earlier last week in Texas, some construction workers were doing their normal daily works when suddenly, something caught their attention; something that sounded like a painful cry of a puppy. Quickly, they began searching all over the construction area. But it didn’t take long for them to realize that the sound wasn’t coming from around them but from above.

Up in the sky, a hawk was clutching a puppy between its claws while flying. And immediately after the men realized what was really going on, the puppy was let go by the hawk, descending from the sky on high speed. They rushed to the spot where the tiny Chihuahua puppy landed and took him straight to an emergency veterinary practice. Shortly after, Austin Animal Center (AAC) took him in.

Everyone in the shelter who heard the puppy’s implausible story was astonished. And because of that, they started calling the pup, “Miracle Puppy”, having been able to survive one massive fall. But after everything Miracle Puppy had been through, the 6–week–old pup just wanted to be held and loved.

“We hooked him up to an Iv to administer fluids and yet, he kept on trying to get in near me,” said AAC Communications and Media Manager Jennifer Olohan. “I snuggled with him. He’s a real sweetheart!”

Later on, the shelter staffers agreed to officially call Miracle Puppy, Tony Hawk. Surprisingly, Tony Hawk only sustained some minor cuts and wounds on his chest and head. And everyone was delighted knowing that Tony will recover fully.

Photo Credits to Austin Animal Center

“He only had minor injuries,” said Olohan. “He had a few scabs on the shoulders and head, but that’s about it! No internal injuries or broken bones. It’s a miracle!”

Tony Hawk is now with a foster family where he will be staying until he’s healthy and old enough. Once he’s neutered, the shelter will then start finding the perfect family for him.


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