Dogs are known for their loyalty and dedication to their owners. They are also intelligent, fun-loving, active and sometimes hilarious creatures. For thousands of years, dogs have accompanied man and his family through ups and downs of life. They have given unconditional love, comfort, companionship and sometimes giving up their lives for their humans.

In Lakeville, Minnesota, two clever dogs, Remy, the Pomeranian and Baumer, the hound, dialed 911 for sixteen times in 30 minutes on what could be considered as a dog’s rough day. These two playful dogs were left in the house while their owners were both at work. Supposedly bored and missed their owners, these two pups went upstairs to the owner’s office desk where he left a cellphone set to “for emergency calls” only.

The 911 operator who received the call wondered why he could only hear “ruff” on the other line, so he sent the police to check out the house. When the police got to the house, they only found the dogs without anyone inside. They circled the house to see for any emergency situation. Usually, when someone calls 911, they are greeted by the door, but this time, there was no one in the house.

Finally, Officer Michelle Roberts got hold of the owner and let them in the house. It was then discovered that the two naughty pooches were having a rough day when they dialed 911 on the phone that can be activated by one touch only, well, in this case, one paw.

This was not the first story about clever dogs outwitting their owners. It only goes to show that dogs are highly intelligent creatures capable of understanding their surroundings and old dogs can still learn new tricks. The owners have admitted a lesson they learned from this incident – to never leave the phone again on his desk where the dogs can reach them.

See how it happened for yourself by watching the video:

Source: Fox News 9 via YouTube


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