Far from the countryside lives a young city dog named Venus. She’s a pit bull who gets her daily exercise by taking walks around the neighborhood. She loves to say hello to all her friends along the way.

These days Venus spends less time on her walks and more time at home. She’s just become a mom of nine brand new puppies, so she’s got her paws pretty full. Venus’s litter needs plenty of love, attention, and nutrition.

One little guy among the nine is named Thor. He’s already dealing with the disadvantages of having so many siblings, especially siblings that get hungry all at the same time. At an early stage, Thor learns that he needs to find a way to get sustenance.

While her puppies are cuddled together in a pile, Venus goes out for a much-needed walk. Thor is left in a sea of nine puppies. Soon they will all go out to explore the world.

After six weeks, the puppies are big enough to eat food that doesn’t come from their mom. It’s a good thing for Venus since her puppies are tough to satisfy. Although Thor arrives just in time for dinner, his siblings overwhelm him, and he gets caught in the chaos. Poor Thor didn’t even get the leftovers. Luckily for him, he found some treats tucked away and managed to eat it before his siblings saw him.

At 8 weeks old, the puppies are now ready to experience their mom’s favorite activity. They will finally go on a walk outside. But before that happens, they need to be introduced to a leash. It wasn’t comfortable dealing with the snags, but they managed to get out.

Venus leads her puppies outside. The hard part about this group activity is making the puppies walk together. If one puppy refuses to walk, no one can move forward.

At ten weeks, after being trained on a leash, they are finally ready to visit the dog park and explore without straps. For Thor, having a lot of siblings is overwhelming enough. But having more strangers around is undoubtedly too much for him. Thor decides to be alone for a while. In the end, Thor finds being alone unsatisfying and joins the others to play.

You can watch the full video below. Watch Thor get introduced to the world around him.

Video courtesy of Animal Planet via YouTube.


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