Human logic is such a wonderful gift bestowed to us. It allows us to reason and helps us decide on the best course of action to take. It also allows us to adapt to surprise situations, and lets us adjust to any predicament. Truly, we are indeed lucky to have a powerful brain.

But we are not the only ones who benefit from this. Animals and plants also benefit from the products of the human mind. On a smaller scale, humankind’s best friends benefit the most from our high IQ and our sense of preservation. Just like this rescued puppy in Thailand.

During the Chombeung marathon in the western part of Thailand, a surprise was waiting for marathon runner Khemjira Klongsanun. She was surprised by what she found that day, but she used her logical mind to do what others wouldn’t.

Khemjira already ran for seven miles when she noticed the other runners were dodging something on the path. She saw a cute little puppy that seemed to be lost. She stopped for a while to look around. The puppy’s mom is nowhere near, there were no houses either, and after the race, there will be no people around.

So she decided to carry the lost puppy for the remainder of the race, which was 19 miles to be exact. Khemjira admitted that it was twice as difficult to run that distance while clutching a puppy. But she knew she had no choice as the poor pooch has been abandoned and he wouldn’t survive alone in the middle of nowhere.

She crossed the finish line with the pup and posted a picture of him with her medal. She called out for the owner of the pooch to come forward, but nobody claimed him. She then decided to adopt him for herself as she is obviously a dog lover. She named the puppy “Chombeung” after the marathon that led her to him.

See more of Khemjira and Chombeung in the video below:

Video credit: Newsflare via Youtube


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